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de stentor 2008

pointer   De Stentor newspaper



pointer   Port Elizabeth School of Fine Art:

Publicity, flyer's, invitations, etc.

Port elizabeth school of fine art


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pointer   Art Magazine

Artist - in - action

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   czech card 2013sml

pointer   Painting Holioday workshops in Europe.

pointer   Book cover design - Oil painting techniques.

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kim b poster classes/workshop

pointer   Poster and invitation to TAM Studio for model workshops.

pointer  Tutorial - for artists by artists..

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pointer  Tonkinson logo for the expo - EuropARTexpo 2009.

pointer   Design interior decoration brochure.

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pointer   Logo for TonkinsonARTmasters prints of student works for student artists.

pointer   Florence biennale 2011, entred as Dutch citizen representing South Africa.

florence bienial application form

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pointer   Radio Kootwijk Kunstcentrum logo for Dienst landelijke gebied.

pointer  TonkinsonARTmasters Studio in Radio Kootwijk from 2008 - 2012

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pointer  TonkinsonARTmasters advertisement.

pointer  Tonkinson exhibit at the Arabian Horse Show.

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pointer  Tonkinson - First solo exhibition in the Netherlands in Hotel Oranjeoord



pointer  Tonkinson catalog for 2008 in Europe.

Each painting received a chip and bar code.

catalogue oranjeoord

Barcode card Faithful

Cirque Stiletto

pointer  Teachers training at Art Partout. End exhibition. 2016.

pointer  Group exhibition in Hatfield Pretoria.Gauteng.



pointer  Blogger Lizette van de Plas.

pointer  Tonkinson solo and group exhibitions  from 2006 - to present.

Still active on National Monuments Day and many other public events and celebrations hosted by Staatsbosbeheer in Building A, every year.

Monument gebouw A

pointer  Tonkinson Fine Art Expo  was hosted at 3 art galleries in Port Elizabeth, South Africa..

Invitation cover

newspaper cuttings 2006

pointer  Portrait byTonkinson..

pointer  de Stentor newspaper article about the artist Leone Tonkinson.

Hartstochtelijk schilder 2007

IMG_61092 resized

pointer Port Elizabeth. RSA. Tonkinson student Artist 2006.

pointer  Paris Art Market for portrait artists.


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pointer  Tonkinson - Grifith logo for  TAM Art shop and Art gallery in Ugchelen.

pointer  TonkinsonARTmasters ticket for TAM gallery opening nights.

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pointer  Tonkinson logo and marketing material for the expo - EuropARTexpo 2012.

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This web page is the home page of Art Master Leone Tonkinson. She is the sole, worldwide copyright holder and web master of all her creative works. All her images in this and all other web sites can only exist through her express permission. The artist reserves the right to publish, make copies and to sell reproductions of all her artworks, which appear on this site as well as all other web sites, for the sole purpose of her income and towards her pension fund.


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