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     D R A W I N G   W O R K S H O P S

Welcome to TAM Drawing Workshops

We take you Back to the basics of drawing to give you a good foundation in drawing techniques which are user friendly for all levels of artists


Continuing the Classical Art Tradition of Drawing


The TAM Drawing Workshops are hands-on classical drawing workshops where you can learn how to draw and benefit from the personalized support of your Art Master. TAM  is lead by Fine Artist and Art Master, Leone Tonkinson.

     What makes our drawing workshops unique !

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  • Learn how to draw like a pro and use your drawing materials with confidence.
  • Learn to see through the eyes of an artist.
  • Be taught by a professional active fine artist and teacher with more than 40 years of experience.
  • Learn the fundamentals of art making so that you can draw whatever you want.
  • Develop you own sketching and shading techniques and also discover the Old Masters as well as the Contemporary techniques Artists use today.
  • Learn to personalize your drawing with your own style.


   W H A T   Y O U   W I L L   L EA R N

TAM pencil

At TAM, you will learn how to draw, progressing from basic to more advanced topics:


  • Drawing materials and how to use them.
  • How to draw with pencil the correct way.
  • Learn the all-important fundamentals of drawing.
  • How to render tonal values using various pencil techniques.
  • Learn the principles of constructive realistic drawing.
  • Discover the golden rule of proportions and how to use them.
  • Learn how to add perspective to your drawing.
  • Discover contemporary drawing materials and paper types.
  • Classical ways of drawing realistic portraits from life.
  • How to draw still-life, animals, botanical objects, etc.
  • How to draw sky, water grass and textures, etc.
  • Compile your own set of techniques to best suit your style.
  • Join our On-line Gallery.
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   T A M   D R A W I N G   C U R R I C U L U M


Introduction to drawing

pencil * charcoal * conte * pen & ink * silver point.



Introduction to your drawing materials

Seeing through the eyes of an artist

Rendering tonal values

Drawing in perspective

Constructive drawing principles

Drawing portrait fragments

Skeletal anatomy drawing hands

Study of an Old Masters

Constructive drawing of architecture

Golden proportion principles & compositions

Botanical drawing


Proportions of the human face

Muscle anatomy for fine artists

Proportions of a human body

Life model drawing

Drawing animals

Drawing Urban cityscapes & perspective

demo.lessons    assignments

oil painting techniques for metal objects
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In the workshops you will get down-loadable high-resolution image references out of the TAM Demo lesson and Assignment catalogs.




 Assignments and demo lessons are projects which are especially designed for all levels of artists to master a handful of techniques.


  • Choose from a large collection of demo lessons to help you master certain techniques you are interested in:e.g., hair, eyes, fruit, crystal, silver, glass, reflections, shadows, color mixing, perspective, etc., to name but a few.


  • Drawing and painting requires a good understanding of mediums and their supports. Demo lessons can also consist of short, quick, in between exercise to help you experiment with different mediums, supports and /or techniques.


  • Assignments are also available to help you practice tonal values, where you get a grip on the fundamentals of art making.


  • TAM have assignments for every topic in the course. If you have your own subject matter and themes, we support you in this as well. The course is totally flexible in this respect.


  • Our aim is to give you the necessary knowledge and know-how, so you can be independent and self-sufficient. Assignments are there if you need them in addition to unlimited personal support from your Art Master.


  • Be inspired by the old Master drawing techniques as well as techniques used by contemporary artists.


 Y O U R   T U T O R

TAM Art School is founded by professional Fine Artist and Art Tutor Leone Tonkinson.

Leone has over 40 years of experiences as an active fine artist and art teacher.

She established TAM so that you can benefit from her extensive knowledge and creative experience.

Leone offers classical workshops with a maximum of 10 artists. Her aim is to provide all levels of Artist with a good foundation in painting and drawing skills.

All levels of Artists are welcome ...and guess what?

No matter what level artist you are, you get to choose your own projects at TAM Art School.


Leone Tonkinson


In this course you will learn how to see the nature and condition of objects as well as the action and interactions it has with it's surroundings.


This conception is the real beginning of drawing.

The cost of 3 workshops is 85euro

of 2 hours each.



TAM Bussum Studio

Top Kantoor & Creatief

Huizerweg 26a, 1402 AB





14:00 - 15:00


Please note that materials are not included.


Walk right in with your drawing materials and your Art Master Leone Tonkinson will lead the way.


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Welcome to the wonderful world of oil painting techniques with Art Master Leone Tonkinson

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