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Welcome to the wonderful world of oil painting techniques for all levels of artists!



S T A R T   A N Y T I M E

Bertus Menting

   What you will learn


Everything about oil painting techniques, supports and mediums.

How to use all kinds of brushes.

A step-by-step introduction on how to use oil.

demolessons oi painting

Learn only the techniques that you need for your projects.

We have Demo-lessons for those of you whom wish to brush up your skills, eg,. fur, eyes, glass, etc.

Maintenance and care for oil painting.

demo lessons at TAM

Techniques of the Old Masters as well as those used by the Contemporary Masters of today.

The basic fundamentals of art making.


  T E S T I M O N I A L S

“Leone is behalve een allround Art Master ook een inspirerend persoon. Haar lessen zijn voor mij altijd een feestje!”

Els Taris

De lessen bij Leone Tonkinson zijn zeer leerzaam. Stap voor stap leer ik de techniek van realistisch schilderen. De lessen zijn ontspannen en vol aandacht. Er gaat een wereld open als je ziet hoe je met een paar (soms meer ) lagen verf ineens een prachtig schilderij maakt. Aanrader

Nel van de Loosdrecht

Als je gevoel voor schilderen hebt is het een aanbeveling om de olieverf lessen bij Leone te volgen. 

Tineke Buwalda Uithol.

I just love my Saturday mornings with Leone and the artists. There is a wonderful atmosphere of comraderie and mutual motivation. Leone is a superb teacher, she takes the time to learn about you and your painting style, and then tailors her advice accordingly to bring out the best in your abilities. I have learnt so much and I am very happy with the way that my painting is developing!

Monica DaSilva

demo.lessons    assignments

In the workshops you will get down-loadable high-resolution image references out of the TAM Demo lesson and Assignment catalogs.



 Assignments and demo lessons are projects which are especially designed for all levels of artists to master a handful of techniques.

glass 1

Choose from a large collection of demo lessons to help you master certain techniques you are interested in:e.g., hair, eyes, fruit, crystal, silver, glass, reflections, shadows, color mixing, perspective, etc., to name but a few.


Drawing and painting requires a good understanding of mediums and their supports. Demo lessons can also consist of short, quick, in between exercise to help you experiment with different mediums, supports and /or techniques.


Assignments are also available to help you practice tonal values, where you get a grip on the fundamentals of art making.


TAM have assignments for every topic in the course. If you have your own subject matter and themes, we support you in this as well. The course is totally flexible in this respect.

Tonkinson art masters

Our aim is to give you the necessary knowledge and know-how, so you can be independent and self-sufficient. Assignments are there if you need them in addition to unlimited personal support from your Art Master.



     Y O U R   T U T O R

Welcome to the wonderful world of oil painting techniques. I am Leone Tonkinson an active artist, teacher, and the founding director of Tonkinson Art Masters, fondly known as TAM Art School.  At TAM I have been passionately introducing all levels of artists to the fine art of oil painting since 1981.

Tam anni 40years

Prices of painting workshops



4 workshops

 of 3 hours each  cost euro 195


7 workshops

 of 3 hours each costs euro 295



14 workshops

 of 3 hours each euro  578



30 workshops

 of 3 hours each euro  1245


adt&carla port

Please note that materials are not included.

In small cozy classes, with each artist receives personal attention on their own project. You will learn a great deal from others and in turn, broaden your horizon.


Weather you choose your own project or join a group in painting demos, you will have learned the basic fundamentals of art making. A good foundation for all levels of artist.

Choose your own projects or join a group painting demo lessons.


The step-by-step process of how to approach each project.

Setting up your canvas / panel and how to - composition.

The step-by-step process of building up layers of different techniques.

With each new painting you will learn a new set of oil painting techniques.

My aim is to develop your ideas as well as your personal style and signature.




Try out a variety of oil painting mediums.

Experiment with different types of brushes and learn about brush-care.

The Tonkinson color wheel will have you mixing the perfect color every time.

Develop your creative skills, hand-eye co-ordination and how to see through the eyes of an Artist.

baby cheetah


Together we will discover the artist in you.

Start anytime.

Progressively expand your oil painting kit as you develop your skills.

Purchase only the oil painting materials that you need.

Choosing projects that bring out the best in you.

Explore painting techniques of the New and Old Masters that will compliment your own style.

Small cozy groups ensure lots of attention.

Exhibit together at the end of each year..






T O N K I N S O N   A R T   C O L L E C T I O N

 Portraiture       Still life       Wild Life       Landscapes



Welcome to the wonderful world of oil painting techniques with Art Master Leone Tonkinson

40 years on and still going.


P r i v a c y   b e l e i d   TonkinsonARTmasters

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